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The District Forester provides professional management advice to the private landowner, taking into account, his or her objectives and goals. In addition to working with private landowners, the Forester is in charge of managing Oswego County's reforestation properties.

There are approximately 2,069 acres of County reforestation properties, spread among 28 parcels. The parcels range in size from 1.45 acres to just over 200 acres and are scattered throughout 7 townships. A systematic inventory is done on each parcel and includes basal area measurements, diameter at breast height, tree height, merchantability, and stand health. Once the inventory is complete, the Forester develops a sustainable forest management marking guide and marks the timber. All of the operational aspects are also planned and identified on the ground, such as log landings, skid trails and Best Management Practices. One unit of land is advertised for competitive bid each year.

J. Chairvolotti timber marking

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Asian Longhorned Beetle

Emerald Ash Borer

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Forest Management Plan

Interested in a management plan for your wood lot? Contact the District Manager to learn what the benefits are for this type of plan.

spruce thinning

pine thinning